CAT 2015 Pattern - What are the Changes in CAT 2015 Pattern

CAT 2015 is going to have a new pattern which is quite different from previous years. Here is a brief summary of key changes along with tips to handle it well:
  • 3 Sections instead of 2
  • Total allotted time 180 minutes instead of 170 minutes
  • Test would be held on single day - 29th November 2015
  • Total number of questions remains same 100
  • You would be given an on screen calculator 
  • You cannot switch to other section if you finish early. Each section has been allotted fixed time of 60 minutes 
  • Some of the question would not be multiple choice type, instead it would be a direct question.
The 3 Sections in CAT 2015
CAT 2015 paper would be divided in 3 sections as per below distribution:

No Switching between Sections
Candidates would have no longer the flexibility to switch between the sections. If a candidate finishes a section early then he cannot start attempting the next section. 60 minutes allotted for each section is meant to be spend on the same section. 
What should you do if you finish a section early? 
Tip : There is nothing more you can do except below 2 things.
1. You should make a habit of  reviewing your attempts so that any mistakes could be avoided.
2. If you are done reviewing all your attempts and you still have time, then relax yourself so that you can attempt the next section in a more composed way.

Usage of online Calculator
This is first time calculator is allowed in CAT. (Candidates would be given an onscreen calculator)
Tip : You must get familiar with usage of on screen calculator and learn to use it in speedy way to solve questions quickly. Furthermore you should be careful while using online calculator and avoid in mistakes while entering the digits or symbols. The details of exact calculator (whether it would be windows calculator or any other calculator app) is not yet known, the details of same would be made available on the blog as soon as it is known.

Direct Questions
This is another big change in the format when compared to previous years. Some of the questions in each section may not be multiple choice type question, instead it would be a direct question where you have to type the exact answer on to the screen.
Tip : To earn marks you should ensure you are not making any typing mistakes (typo errors) while entering answers for such questions.

Online Tutorial
Tutorial to understand the format of the examination will be available on the CAT website from 15th October 2015.
Tip : You are highly advised to work on the tutorials once it is available along with usage of onscreen calculator.

Things to note:

  • Though CAT would be held in 2 sessions, still Candidates will not be able to select the session because it will be assigned randomly. 
  • Candidates must pay the registration fee through online mode only, including Credit Card, Debit Card, and Net Banking. 
  • The fees is Rs 1600 (General and NC-OBC candidates) and Rs 800 (SC/ST/PWD/DA) candidates.


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