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WWW.M4MATHS.COM is a website with a very unique concept; it intrigues its users with a daily dose of mathematical puzzles. Site has good number of daily visitors & the number is growing gradually. The quality of puzzles available on this site are really good & would surely help any one preparing for MBA exams.

The best feature of this site is "Today's Puzzle" section which provides a platform to compete with other user's and represent their State or Country.
A new puzzle is posted every day at (IST) 11:00:00 am sharp from MONDAY to FRIDAY, users are given points & ranked based on the time taken to solve the daily puzzle. is recommended for all MBA, GMAT, GRE aspirants and also for the job seekers who want to overcome the giant MNC's. The site would be very appealing to all math enthusiasts.

Registeration on M4MATHS.COM is very simple. Below are the steps:
1. Navigate to, click here

2. From Left pane, click on "Register" tab, refer image below.
3. Fill up the registeration form, (quite simple form, with only 7 input fields!)
4. Login to your emaiil account used during registeration, Open mail from & click on the link to complete registeration. (Do check your spam folder if mail is not there in Inbox)
5. Login to & start solving puzzles. :)

M4maths Registeration form

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