Evaluation Criteria in Group Discussion-Skills Assessed during GD

Group Discussion still plays an important role in the admission process for many MBA colleges. Apart from being able to communicate fluently what matters the most is the thoughts which you put in your speech. One would be surprised to know that there are multiple skills which are assessed during a GD by the judges. 
Below are skills assessed during a group discussion:

Leadership skills:
Leadership is one of the key skill on which candidates are assessed during a Group Discussion. Inherent ability to lead a team is desired out of a Manager.
Initiate the group discussion and give proper directions to the discussion.
Intervene and guide the group when the discussion goes off track.
Encouraging all members to participate in the discussion & share their opinion.
Moderate group if discussion gets chaotic.

Communication skills: 
The participating candidates are also assessed in terms of clarity of thought, expression through word and aptness of their language. One should be able to speak without any hesitation and at the same time should not sound harsh.
Hold attention of the group by using simple language.
Explain ideas in precise way with clarity.
Speak fluently and put forward your ideas without hesitation.

Interpersonal skills:
Candidates are also evaluated on their Interpersonal skill such as adaptibility, maturity, co-ordination, interaction with peers. While participating in GD one should give due consideration to other members view point and should not be pushing too hard to make his own point alone be heard. At the same time if a candidate raises an absurd or irrelevant point one should politely reject the point by giving proper reasoning. One should try to coordinate as much as possible with all group members. One should not sound rude or inflexible in accepting good points raised by others.
Keep your cool throughout the Group Discussion.
Do not take things personally even if someone provokes you.
Should understand the goal of discussion and should try to keep the focus on Topic of discussion.

Persuasive skills:
This is very important attribute expected in a Manager doesn't come easily in a candidate. In our daily life also we have seen many people who are not heard much even though have a very good points or idea. Due to their inhibitions they don't speak much once someone tries to counter their point.
To persuade the group to accept the points made by them (only if it is valid and genuine one. Remember you should not be over persuasive as well)
To make people accept your view point without hurting or making fun of any other members.
Persuade the group to analyze the problems from different perspectives and help other member’s ideas to be heard and understood.
Analyze and persuade others to see the problem from multiple perspectives without hurting the group members.

Problem solving skills:
One important aspect of Group Discussion is it is very spontaneous and dynamic in nature. You need to recollect all your thoughts on the fly and present them to the group. Also while other members are speaking you need to be listening carefully because that could trigger an altogether new point in your mind and may give you a chance to speak again. You need to be really involved in the discussion to handle the counter arguments and answer them well while speaking.
Analyze the problem from different angles.
Answer the counter arguments without hurting any group member.
Should be able to think and speak spontaneously.
Resolve difficult situations by proper moderation and reasoning.

Listening & Conceptualizing Ability:
After making one's point heard to the group, one should be attentive and listen carefully when other are speaking. Should try to gather as much ideas and facts being put forward. Assimilate the points raised by others and try to add something new to the discussion. 
At the end a good listener who has good conceptualizing ability could very well summarize the outcomes of discussion in few sentences.

Attitude is another important parameter of most othe Group Discussion. Candidates are expected to:
-have positive attitude, 
-encourage others for participation, 
-not to put someone down during the discussion
-be good listeners when others are speaking
-accepting other view points (if it’s a valid one)
-not showing stubbornness and harshness
-should speak maturely
-should not raise voice unnecessarily
One should handle Group Discussion very maturely and should not raise his voice too much that he sounds harsh. 
Should be supporting for other members and should be easy going. 
Should show keen interest in discussion and be an avid listener.

Reasoning Ability:
Candidates are expected to substantiate the points raised by them through proper reasoning. Just raising a point without able to justify the same during a GD would not help and may result in negative marks as well. Also another member could use the same point and well justify it with reasoning. One should logically be able to think of pros and cons of points made by him and put forward the same to the group.
While bringing up any point be prepared with answers such as:
-What is the point you are raising?  How is it going to help with the problem under discussion? Why you feel so? Give Any Examples?
Say Scams in India, Just saying scams are not good without backing the sentence with any justification is as good as not raising the point. One should say scams are not good because it’s hurting the Indian economy badly and hindering the growth of our Nations. Examples: Foreign institutions are not willing to invest due to scams in country and poor Governance. Also these scams adversely impact the business by attracting organizations with lesser capability to execute projects.

Team Player:
Corporate world is all about working as a team, if the team succeeds everyone in the team succeeds; similarly a failure of team is failure of each members of the team. Candidates participating in GD are also evaluated for their ability to work in a team
Be polite and cordial in your communication.
Accept others viewpoint and encourage each member to put forward their points.
Don't lose your cool if someone counter argues the points which you had raised and accept ideas politely.
Avoid any arguments.
Help the group to achieve its goal on time at the same time fostering participation from each member

General Awareness:
The topics given in Group Discussion are mostly of current affairs; at times any abstract topic is given. If the topic is from current affairs it is expected of the candidate to be aware of the happenings around the world. The idea a candidate put forwards clearly demonstrated his maturity and interests in the current affairs impacting the society, nation or the world.
While speaking on any topic the points which you raise or put forward to group clearly demonstrates your knowledge about the topic, thus defining you as an intellectual who has avid interest in happenings around him.

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Group Discussion Tips - Skills Assessed in GD


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