Passwords to open shared materials

Below are the passwords to open the shared materials for MBA preparation:

  • Quantz Notes-Coumpound Interest and Mean Median----------Password:mbaprep1
  • Wordlist to Improve your Vocab:GRE wordlist------------------Password:grewl
  • Quantitative Aptitude Notes: Permutation & Combination --Password:tips4cat
  • 123ToughQuestions_in_Quant ----------------------------------Password:tuffq
  • Free-Online-Practice-Tests.rar---------------------------------Password:howtoprepare4cat

Password for Free-Online-Practice-Tests.rar, Password for Quantz Notes-Coumpound Interest and Mean Median, Password for Wordlist to Improve your Vocab:GRE wordlist, Password for Quantitative Aptitude Notes: Permutation & Combination, Password for 123ToughQuestions_in_Quant, Password for study materials


  1. thanks for uploading keep posting

  2. thanks for uploading it is really helpful

  3. "Free-Online-Practice-Tests.rar---------------------------------Password:howtoprepare4cat"
    i cannot find this file in ur website.plz repost.ty.

  4. plzzz help man... doc file for permutation and combination aint opening... it asks for the password twice nd the password isint working...

    1. Dear Ashish,

      The password tips4cat is working fine, select Read only option when you are prompted for password second time.


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