Quantitative Aptitude Tricks for CAT - Page 3

34. -> For any quadrilateral whose diagonals intersect at right angles, the area of the quadrilateral is
0.5*d1*d2, where d1, d2 are the length of the diagonals.
-> For a cyclic quadrilateral, area = root((s-a) * (s-b) * (s-c) * (s-d)), where s=(a + b + c + d)/2
Further, for a cyclic quadrilateral, the measure of an external angle is equal to the measure of the interior opposite angle.
-> Area of a Rhombus = Product of Diagonals/2

35. Given the coordinates (a, b); (c, d); (e, f); (g, h) of a parallelogram , the coordinates of the meeting point of the diagonals can be found out by solving for
[(a + e)/2, (b + f)/2] = [(c + g)/2, (d + h)/2]

36. Area of a triangle
-> 1/2*base*altitude
-> 1/2*a*b*sin C (or) 1/2*b*c*sin A (or) 1/2*c*a*sin B
-> root(s*(s-a)*(s-b)*(s-c)) where s=(a+b+c)/2
-> a*b*c/(4*R) where R is the circumradius of the triangle
-> r*s ,where r is the inradius of the triangle

37. In any triangle
-> a=b*cos C + c*cos B
-> b=c*cos A + a*cos C
-> c=a*cos B + b*cos A
-> a/sin A=b/sin B=c/sin C=2R, where R is the circumradius
-> cos C = (a^2 + b^2 - c^2)/2ab
-> sin 2A = 2 sin A * cos A
-> cos 2A = cos^2 (A) - sin^2 (A)

38. The ratio of the radii of the circumcircle and incircle of an equilateral triangle is 2:1

39. Appollonius Theorem
In a triangle ABC, if AD is the median to side BC, then
AB2 + AC2 = 2(AD2 + BD2) or 2(AD2 + DC2)

40. -> In an isosceles triangle, the perpendicular from the vertex to the base or the angular bisector from vertex to base bisects the base.
-> In any triangle the angular bisector of an angle bisects the base in the ratio of the other two sides.

41. The quadrilateral formed by joining the angular bisectors of another quadrilateral is always a rectangle.

42. Let W be any point inside a rectangle ABCD, then,
WD2 + WB2 = WC2 + WA2

43. Let a be the side of an equilateral triangle, then, if three circles are drawn inside this triangle such that they touch each other, then each circle’s radius is given by a/(2*(root(3)+1))

44. -> Distance between a point (x1, y1) and a line represented by the equation ax + by + c=0 is given by ax1+by1+c/Sq(a2+b2)
-> Distance between 2 points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) is given by Sq((x1-x2)2+ (y1-y2)2)

45. Where a rectangle is inscribed in an isosceles right angled triangle, then, the length of the rectangle is twice its breadth and the ratio of area of rectangle to area of triangle is 1:2.

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