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Q1. How many 3-digit numbers can be formed from the digits 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9, which are divisible by 5 and none of the digits is repeated?

Q2.In how many ways a committee, consisting of 5 men and 6 women can be formed from 8 men and 10 women?

Q3.In how many ways can 4 girls and 5 boys be arranged in a row so that all the four girls are together??

Q4. 12 points lie on a circle. How many cyclic quadrilaterals can be drawn by using these points?

Q5. The Indian Cricket team consists of 16 players. It includes 2 wicket keepers and 5 bowlers. In how many ways can a cricket eleven be selected if we have to select 1 wicket keeper and at least 4 bowlers?

Q6. How many factors of (2^4)×(5^3)×(7^4) are odd numbers?

Q7. How many factors of (2^5)×(3^6)×(5^2) are perfect squares?

Q8. In how many ways can eight directors, the vice-chairman and chairman of a firm be seated at a round table, if the chairman has to sit between the vice-chairman and the director?

Q9. In how many ways can 15 people be seated around two round tables with seating capacities of 7 and 8 people?

Q10. Suppose you can travel from a place A to a place B by 3 buses, from place B to place C by 4 buses, from place C to place D by 2 buses and from place D to place E by 3 buses. In how many ways can you travel from A to E?

Q11. How many words can be formed by using 4 letters at a time of word "SURPRISE" (words may be meaningful or meaningless according to dictionary)


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