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1. Tata's 1 Lac car is only going to add more woes to the exisitng traffic problem.

Increasing no. Car User's is one of the major factor's for traffic problems.With limited space on roads at times it appers illogical when we find a person sitting alone in a car when the car occupies a space for 5 people on road.
a. Tata's 1 lac car is within the reach of more no. of people
b. With the limites space on roads which are already traffic ridden Tata's 1 lac car is going to add more chaos on roads

a. Its a dream come true for poor and lower middle class people.

b. The traffic wont be affected much by this car as the target customers are poor or lower middle class people who cant afford the fuel price for their daily car usage. And hence they would be using car's on special occasions only.

c. The traffic problem is more due to the usage of big CAR's by rich individuals and their family memebrs. Every individual in a rich family owns a car and they use it more often, even when they can walk the distance.

2. Tata's 1 Lac: Boon or bane?

It is going to increase the no. of car's running on roadsIt will affect the traffic. Most importantly it will also affect the environment more traffic more pollution.Undoubtely its a dream car for million of people who cant afford to buy the costlier cars.Its going to bring smiles to so many faces etc etc....
So its a boon for poor bane for environment.

3. Is India really at par with China

Though we always feel ouserlves at par with China but how far is it true.Compare India and China on the basis of following parametres:GDPInfrastrucurePlanned DevelopmentPovertyLiteracyPer Capita IncomeLife ExpectancyLiving StandardsInflation Rate

4. India Inc turns global.Tata's bid for corus etc

5. Is ICC being ruled by BCCI

6. The gentlemen's game has lost its spirit

7. Rapidly declining female ratio

8. The recent attacks on women questions the existence of the civilised society we boast off.

9. Analysis of Financial Crisis of 2008.
Link to Financial Crisis Article:Brief summary of crisis

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