Past GD Topis: MBA Admissions

Below is the List of topics for GD in past years at B-Schools :


• US $ is no longer a stable currency.
• Cine - stars are best applicants for politics.
• Managers do not add value to the society.
The parliamentary form of democracy has failed in India.
• 33% women reservation in parliament.
• Consumer satisfaction should be achieved at any cost.
• B-School education is only affordable to rich people.
• Democracy is the only way to a sustained economic growth.
• Should youth indulge in politics?
• Effect of internet in India.
• Liberalisation in 1991 was a forced one.
• Democracy is a luxury in India.
• Is globaliasation the fear for Indian culture?
• India Shining
• Economic reforms make richer people rich and poorer people poor.

IIM Calcutta

• Information Technology
• Industrial growth in the next millennium will depend a lot on how we tackle the environmental issues.
• Food comes first, ethics later.
• In India, democracy is nothing but politicised monarchy.
• New Delhi should not be the capital of India.
• Industrial growth and environmental care do not go hand in hand.
• TV commercials should be banned.
• To survive in the civilized world one needs to be hypocrite.
• Money is the sixth sense without which one cannot enjoy the other five.
• Advanced mathematics has no value in life.
• Efficiency and corruption go hand in hand.
• Welcome back socialism.
• Information Technology

IIM Bangalore
• The government should stop funding the IITs and the IIMs and, instead, divert the funds to primary education.
• Profit is the only business of business.
• India should be reorganised into smaller states.
• Growth and integrity are poles apart.
• Managerial skills learnt from classroom can never match those learnt from experience.
• Government should reduce defence expenditure and spend more on social sector.
• The UN has not served any purpose in the last decade.
• Religion is a private matter and should be no concern of the state.
• The government should stop funding the IITs and the IIMs and, instead, divert the funds to primary education.
• Profit is the only business of business.
• India should be reorganised into smaller states.


• Nature of paying for the environment development.
• Indian customs - discuss.
• Wisdom comes with age.
• Indian politicians are not bothered about the
. Should the defense budget be reduced?
• Mobile phones are a social waste.
• Will machine replace man one day?
• Gandhism is not relevant these days.
• Bordering world - reality or dream.
• Secularism is declining - justify.
• future of our country
• Agroeconomics
• Indian Village: a boon or a curse?
• Will the defense budget be reduced?
• Will machine replace man in future?
• Marketing of tobacco and tobacco products is unethical.
• Ethics in India are declining.
• Marketing forces the consumer to buy those products which they don't want to.


• India makes nuclear bombs, but cannot make quake resistant houses.
• Benefits of professional integrity
• Bilateralism vs Multilateralism.
• Ecology and tourism.
• Role of money in elections.
• Fast changes in Information Technology - excitement or agony?


• Advertising and ethics.
• IT - What does the future hold? Give recommendations.
• Conscription should be made compulsory.
• Why is patriotism lacking in India?
• What ails India more - corruption or overpopulation.
• What should India do to preserve its IT command over the World.]
• IT boom in India.
• Large dams are a must for India's development.
• Leaders should be followers first.
• Should the Government ban India from playing cricket matches in Sharjah? Justify.
• Why do more girls choose Human Relations Management?

IIM Kozhikode

• Women empowerment is the basis for social development.
• Science, and not rhetoric, underpins the National Policy.
• Human rights impedes economic programme.
• Subsidies for higher studies should be done away with.

• Modern cinema is a boon to the Indian society.
• Medical research on animals is immoral and should be banned.

IIM Lucknow
• Can religion be kept out of politics?
• Religious fundamentalism is more dangerous than regionalism.
• International embargo: the US is going too far.
• India - Pakistan relation: has it reached a point of no return?
• Coke and Pepsi should be driven out of India.
• Television in India is turning people to watchers rather than doers.
• Is India ready for e-commerce?
• Has the time come to eradicate nuclear weapons?
• Knowledge is the awareness of one's ignorance.
• Virtue has its own reward.
• Should we legalise drugs and alcohol consumption in India.
• Is the job of a manager to do the right things or to do things rightly?
• 'Tryst with destiny' has India redeemed its pledge?
• All education should be exclusively provided by the government.

Some Topics which Have Appeared In IIMs past few years:

• No one studies for an MBA. Everyone studies for a job.
• Do we need graduate engineers at all?
• Change what you can. Accept what you cannot.
• Political crisis and the Indian economy.
• Corruption is an economic lubricant, and hence may not be all that bad.
• The Indian economy is in shambles.
• Talk of social responsibility in the private sector is sheer hypocrisy.
• Is greed an essential human quality?
• Nature can fulfill man's need but can not his greed.
• Pollution control is a luxury for India.
• Engineers joining management is a national waste.
• The pen is mightier than the sword, but fanaticism is the mightiest of all.
• Parliamentary democracy is an obstacle in the path of growth of the Indian nation.
• Indo-Pak differences are so deep-rooted that Kashmir is only being used as an excuse.
• Violence is a prerequisite for progress.
• Is war with Pakistan inevitable?
• Women make better managers than men.
• GDs as a means of selection by the IIMs are a farce.
• Opposition to privatization will affect India's financial future
• Do computers dehumanize society?
• Success comes not so much by solving problems as by exploiting opportunities.
• All higher education in India should be privatized.
• With India being a world leader people are still dieing of starvation, comment.
• What will the present budget be like?
• Management education should make job seekers into job creators.
• To prevent India from disintegrating, more autonomy should be given to the states.
• Has the Indian political structure outlived its utility?
• Underdevelopment - fate, mismanagement or oppression?
• Management education is a luxury for a poor country like India.
• Ends justify the means.
• Our country needs more technocrats and less managers.
• Will computerization make a robot of all human beings?

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