CAT 2008 Feedback

CAT 2008 is over, as usual surprising aspirants in its own ways.
Looking at the scores from past 3 years, I hope the cut-offs for IIMs will somewhere be:

Expected Cutoffs for IIMs : CAT 2008
DI/LR: 32
QA: 34
EU: 44

Overall Cutoff Score for CAT 2008: 115+

With a percetile of 97+ You can expect call from MDI Gurgaon.

Analysis of my percentile vs score for CAT 2007 & CAT 2006 are given below:
CAT 2006
Section-----------%Score--------- Percentile
Quantz------------- 45.65-------------- 92.83
Logic & DI ---------51.00-------------- 98.25
Verbal------------- 24.00-------------- 94.30

Total --------------40.22-------------- 98.08

CAT 2007
Section -----------%Score --------Percentile
Quantz --------------21.00-------------- 84.13
Logic & DI ----------65.63 --------------99.69
Verbal --------------14.00 --------------71.28

Total -------------- 34.87 -------------- 97.18

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Hope the above analysis helps you in finding your percentile for CAT 2008.

Please give your feedback in comments below.


  1. cat this year was easy. but english section was a big surprize. those who are not having good vocabulary are expected to get stuck. but it cat so it has to happen in one of the sections

  2. After the CAT'08, it's time to introspect what went wrong and how things should have been avoided if not completely eradicate them.Now focus should be more finding ur weakness and overpowering them.For the first timers its right time to interact with somebody who has just given CAT'08 and try to ascertain what are his/her strong points.this particular exam is not about your knowledge/understanding of particular subject rather how confidently you face a problem and come out with a flying colour in most time constrained and daunted situation.


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