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Apart from being able to communicate fluently what matters the most is the thoughts which you put in your speech.

Here is an oppurtunity to share your thoughts and also to know about more opinions and ideas on various topics.

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The Topic is:
Indian Politicians are hypocrites & a threat to the nations growth.

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  1. The recent mayhem of terror attacks in our country has brought the Politicians under scrutiny. Their inaability to act with dignity when it was needed the most at the time of crisis has infuriated most of the people in India.
    Be it the CM of Maharashtra who takes his son & a director to visit the Taj hotel or be it the CM of Kerela whose statements about a martyr's family totally appears to be insane. People like Raj Thakre's who play the game of reginolaism were totally mum when Mumbai was attacked.
    Enough is enough , Inidian Politics needs a change now.

    The need of the hour is to bring such people in the popwer who are capable enough and those who can think for the upliftment of the country.
    In coming elections we should not vote for a a prty but for the individuals, not to the party to which they belong but to the zeal which they carry in their heart for the upliftment of society and growth of country.

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  3. the politician who claimes to have mumbai thier own. where were he when terrorist were killing those unacussed person in thier mumbai.
    while those who were fighting with terrorist(n.s.g. commomdoes), most of them were north indians.
    recent terrorist attacks shows the infertility of govt. and home minisers also.if they have idea about some of incident then why didn't take any action.
    pakistan marine police were arresting our fishermen and siezing our boat also, why they didn't take any measure.
    all politicians are here to make killing only.

  4. POLITICIANS -are those people who r choosen by us to run the govt. after the recent crisis situation in the business captial of india there are a lot of talks about the dignity of these men.. its true that the administration in our country is ot that perfect, is not that refined..but try to think wat is the reason behind it...
    i firmly believe that somewher or the other v people r responsible for this ... it is our actions that make these politicians the way they are....
    right now india needs a revolution or a revolutionary leader may b some one like swami vivekanand.. who could transform the indian souls n spirit n can bring about a change in the indians!!!! so that next time v dun hav to face any such weird situation again

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  6. Blaming everything on the politicians is not the right thing to do at this time because politicians are those people who have been selected and elected by us.
    It is the apathy of today's India that we select people as our leaders, not because they are good enough, but beacuse the others are worse.Good leaders(not politicians) like Shri APJ Abdul Kalam have been shunted from the system for doing the right thing, not ony because of the politicians but also because of the lackadaisical attitude of ours towards such a move.
    If at all we want to change anything around us drastically, we'll have to introspect and act accordingly towards our society,and consequently, towards our nation.


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